About Us

Techno Ganivet is a start-up company specializing in retailing of industrial blades and components for food packaging.
Techno Ganivet technical consulting and excellent customer support are key assets in the business.


A perfect combination of customer support, technical competencies and high-quality products, are resulting in a rapid grow and appreciation by many customers, who find in Techno Ganivet a strategic partner for industrial development.
We offer a wide number of blades for industrial slicer, round and involute, manufactured according to high-quality standars, suitable for major brands of meat slicers in the market. Our blades allow you to reach incredible performance of slicing, with results that surprise you with the level of perfection, without requiring any further intervention on the equipment used.
Techno Ganivet provides full customer support. For assistance, please, refer the information to info@technoganivet.it